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Jewelry Buyers in Portland, OR

Although we will gladly purchase precious metals and jewelry of every variety, The Jewelry Buyer specializes in buying gold. Right now, gold is at its highest price in more than 20 years, so this is definitely the best time to sell your gold. We will buy it all—rings, dental gold, chains, earrings, and anything else that is made of gold.
Set of gold jewelry with rubies and copper pocket watch — Jewelry Buyers in Portland, Or
Don't mail your gold to anybody! You have surely seen the TV commercials telling you to mail in your gold with promises of a "fair" price. You have also seen numerous news stories reporting that many of these companies claim that customers' gold was supposedly "never received" or that the customers are receiving checks ranging from $2 to $25. There are also many traveling gold buyers that set up their shops in fancy hotel rooms promising you prices they have no intention of honoring.

At The Jewelry Buyer, we will make you a cash offer that you can either accept or reject with absolutely no risk. You will never have to worry about your gold getting "lost" in the mail. If you choose to sell your gold to us, you will be paid in cash immediately. It's as simple as that!
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