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Reliable Gold Buyer in Portland, OR

Receive top dollar for your precious metals when you bring your gold, silver, and jewelry to The Jewelry Buyer, your most trusted gold buyers in Portland, Oregon. To learn more about the precious metals we buy, contact us today to speak with a helpful member of our team.

Purchasing Your Precious Metals

Woman's jewelry —  Reliable Gold Buyer in Portland, OR
At The Jewelry Buyer, we will gladly purchase gold, silver, jewelry, pocket watches, and any other baubles and knickknacks of value. Whether your precious metals are in pristine condition or poor condition, we will always offer a fair price for your items.

Your Most Trusted Gold Buying Source

Woman selling gold and silver — Reliable Gold Buyer in Portland, OR
The Jewelry Buyer has been proudly serving customers throughout the greater Portland region since 1980. Over the years, we have earned a highly favorable reputation among the community for our professionalism, our extensive knowledge, and our fair prices.
Contact our silver and gold buyers to work out a deal and request an accurate price quote.